Semana Santa

Your Easter is declared of National Tourist Interest. It's a scenario streets sabrecogedor , corners and squares that make us recall to Jerusalem. With sizes and “steps” of great historical and sculptural. From Palm Sunday to Friday ten guilds, numerous brothers wearing habit Nazarene, line the narrow streets accompanying their owners. Impressive output and collections of temples.

Hallelujah Closure

Easter Sunday marks the closure of the Alleluia, in which two bulls loose, at different times, run through some streets of Arcos. With the participation of thousands of people in the same.

Cruces de Mayo

In the first weekend in May, occurs recovered tradition in which various courtyards and streets of the Historic are decorated with central motif made Cruces, mainly, flowering.

Evening of Mary Help

Around May 24 is celebrated in the neighborhood of the traditional name of the Virgin Evening. Streets and bars decked. Booths, Flamenco performances, orchestras, attractions for children.

Flamenco evening of Our Lady of the Snows

On the eve of August 5 ( day of the Patron) in the Plaza del Cabildo. Performance Flemish Nights with foreign and local artists, both the singing and the dancing and guitar

Feria de San Miguel

Around Day Pattern – September 29 – been celebrated for centuries the fair, with numerous booths, rides horses and flamenco, orchestras and attractions .

Living Nativity

A Christmas next Saturday the streets and squares of the Historic Monumental de Arcos become for a few hours in Bethlehem. Hundreds of all ages Arcenses, dressed in the style Hebrew, give life to the many scenes referring to the Birth of Christ.

Three Kings

The evening of January 5 numerous floats up the cavalcade of the Magi. Besides its own thereof,other characters from children's movies and series, distributed gifts and sweets, primarily at children.


In February – Several activities take place March carnival, with performances by troupes and jokes in different parts of the city, culminating with the Proclamation, carnavalito the Old Town and the carnival parade, in which, addition to the floats, involving many people dressed.

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