Semana Santa (San Pedro rural housing)

16 March, 2010 at 9:09 on
Vista de la Iglesia San Pedro desde la habitación doble con terraza. Realizada por un cliente extranjero alojado.

View of St. Peter's Church from the double room with terrace. Photo by a foreign client hosted.

Habitacion doble con terraza llamada San Pedro.

Double room with terrace called San Pedro.

“San Pedro” called one of the rooms in our Bed Rincón de las Nieves, Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz). We call it that because from the terrace you can see the Church of San Pedro. In this Church out processions on Thursday and Friday. The Holy Thursday, to seven p.m., out the Christ of Remedies and Our Lady of Sorrows. There is a great expectation, both the departure and the collection. A tremendous drop in the steps of the Church; the women dressed accompany Christ with mantilla. The Friday procesionan the Entombment and the Virgin of Solitude, latter a step canopy. This is awesome view descent of the steps of the Church. They are the most important days of Holy Week. Along with the Living Nativity Day are the days that most people focus on the old.

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